Watch an inhuman act of a son

Watch an inhuman act of a son. How inhuman and selfish one can be in greed of materialistic life? Have we forgotten every moral and ethical value? Have we left aside the last messenger and of Allah and his message? These are the questions that will pop into your head after watching this shocking story. Beware that may disturb some sensitive minds.
Parents raise their kid with a hope that they will take good care of them in last years of life. However, only few enjoy this blessing as kids remain drowned in their own life. You must have seen many selfish kids who did something shameful to their parents but this video documentary will make you forget all the previous incidents.

his news report contains a story of a son who forgot all of his religious, moral and social responsibilities and acted in a way that lowered down every human being’s head. This boy had clashes with his real mother and sister. According to reports, he wanted to claim all the property and wealth that his father left behind.

However, the mother and sister wanted to have their share which Islam allows and grants them. This heartless boy got furious and crossed all the limits. He dug his father out from grave and brought him in front of his mother and sister. This inhuman, immoral and cruel act spread anger all across and people demanded strict punishment for him.

The boy seemed psychologically and mentally challenged as no sane mind can do such heinous act. This brought nothing but shame to him but he looked completely untouched by the disturbed situation around him. He must be sent to mental hospital instead of prison.

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