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Pakistan’s war against Khwarijis and biased moderators

PUBLISHED : February 28, 2015

Pakistan's war against Khwarijis and biased moderators

Pakistan’s war against Khwarijis and biased moderators

I’m writing this thread with heavy heart today. I always supported and gave respect to moderators. But after observing some recent events and decisions on this forum, I came to this conclusion that, few moderators are bias and are silently supporting agenda of terrorists. I could not stop myself from saying this but shame on all bias moderators who are destroying the image of this forum. They have likes and dislikes which are very visible.

They encourage users who are posting against our Army and different minorities. What kind of joke is this ? They, themselves initiated very good initiative, which was “Say No to Sectarianism”, but few are violating it.

I need to give clear message to all users. We are living in difficult times. Enemy is attacking us from all mediums. WE ARE IN A STATE-OF-WAR. We need to draw a line between Khwarijis and patriots. Our Army is OFFICIALLY fighting all terrorists. How could we Pakistanis, stay neutral ? We must support our Army because they need our moral support.

I was amazed to see, terrorists openly promoting anti-Pakistan and anti-Army things on this forum. No one is stopping them. We all know few users who always post something which is anti-Army and try to ignite sectarianism.

The dilemma is, few moderators, intentionally allow them to do this. Then, when confronted, they delete all messages, just to show masses that they are neutral. YOU ARE NOT NEUTRAL. By deleting valid arguments, you encourage these establish terrorists to promote their filthy agenda. Few users, abuse family members and target minorities. When normal patriotic users defend themselves, moderators delete their posts as well and sometimes ban them.

Therefore, I please request all patriotic users to identify these black sheep. Stand against bias of these moderators.