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Brief Study and Research on Khawarjee

PUBLISHED : March 5, 2015

Brief Study and Research on Khawarjee

Brief Study and Research on Khawarjee

Khawarjee (ISIS, Daish, Al Qaida, Taliban, Hizb Ullah, Gullu Qadri firqa) are enemies of Islam and Pakistan. They are zombies being given birth buy CIA, MOSSAD and RAW to create division and disturbance in Muslim nations. They are criminal in nature found of target killing, raping Muslim women, bomb and other terrorist attacks for dollars.


As per prediction of Prophet PBUH, Khawarjee will take birth from Najad and will become curse for Islam.

Dajal will take birth from Khawarjees, Muslims will defeat Khawarjee under the leadership of Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Essa AS.

Predictions of Prophet PBUH about Khawarjees are well explicit in slide under: –


In 7th Century AD Jews funded a fanatic group of so called Muslims in Najad for revolt against Hazart Usman Ghanzi RZ. Khawarjee invaded Medina with the slogan of Nepotism on Hazrat Usman Ghani and forced him to step down. When son in law of Prophet refused to accept Khawarjee demands, he was martyred brutally by Khawarjee infidels.

Later Khawarjee went against Hazart Ali RZ with the slogan of “Immediate Revenge of Murderers of Hazrat Usman Ghani RZ. Hazrat Ali RZ tried to consolidate his force before taking on Khawarjee. Khawarjee smelled their fate and got closer to other Sahibas on issue. This resulted battle among Muslims i.e. Jaml and Sufian. later Khawarjee chalked out conspiracy to martyr Hazrat Ali and other Sahiba. Unfortunate for Islam, Khawarjee were successful in martyring fourth Caliph of Islam.


Initially Khawarjees were closer to Ummyids and tried to display extreme loyalty i.e. Karbella brutal massacre occurred in it. Later when could not find executive space and started conspiracies even against them. Rise and fall continues, util Hajaj Bin Yousaf gave a good blow on Khawarjees. Two things done right by Hajaj Bin Yousaf in his life, ‘araab on holy Quran’ and termination of Khawarjees from Arab.

Khawarjee ran for their life and vanished in mountain areas, what is Central Asia, Afghanistan and mountains around Caspian Sea. There was no mechanism to quarantine them, so kept flashing where find breath to live. They were so scared of Hajaj Bin Yousaf, that they used to urinate in trouser when ever thought of Hajaj Bin Yousaf sword.


Khawarjee were extremely scared from what done by Hajaj Bin Yousaf. So were divided and hiding in present day Central Asia, Afghanistan and areas around remained Caspian sea.

Chengaiz Khan invasion of Central Asia forced them another migration and ran for their life came to Indo Pak Sub Continent even. However, during Abbysids era Khawarjee did not attempted to revolt against Muslims.


Few Khawarjee seeing weak rule of none Arab origin Muslim Caliphate, manage to return back to Arab. Lawrence of Arabia was blessing in disguise for the, and with British funding Khawarjee revolted Ottoman Empire side by side to British. 20th century AD was time when Khawarjee were well cashed by West for division in Islam.


Soviet Afghan War and USA interest made Khawarjee a fine commodity, who want a homeland of their own. As all religions including Jews have their homeland but Khawarjee infidals do not have any.

Khawarjee were given birth and groomed on Dollars by CIA, MOSSAD and RAW as: –

1. Al Qaida was given money to topple Saudi Dynasty and Husni Mubarak through zombies like Osama and Zuharvi. Al Qaida was also used for toppling Muslims Governments in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia.

2. Taliban are given dollars by CIA (Karzai intelligence agency NDS used to give dollars) and RAW for terrorism in Pakistan.

3. Daish and ISIS was fed to topple Muslim Government of Syria by CIA. MOSSAD has fed Hizb Ullah with dollars to join them.

4. Daniel S Mecay gave dollars to Gullu Qadri Firqa for KAFAN POSH invasion of Islamabad besides terrorist activities like manufacturing of Model Town drama, killing of Police, capture of PTV etc.

Khawarjee managed to rule 2/3 of Afghanistan for short period, otherwise so far no Khawarjee state exist.

Khawarjee are divided into gangs and remain till birth of Dajjal. Dajjal will be soul leader of Khawarjee, who will unite them and wage war on Muslims.


Khawarjee negate Shariet of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. They consider self branded shariet of their Gang Leader has role model.

This is some what closer to Akbar “Deen e Elahi”, where Akbar said all to bow in front of him and he will bow only to Allah for his people. This holds good for even Khawarjee Gang Leader, who considers himself only answer to Allah and consider /thinks his followers only answerable to him. That is why who violate or carry out direct access to Allah Almighty is slaughtered brutally by Khawarjees.

Khawarjees are infact like munfiqs even born during Prophet Muhammad PBUH life. They have occupied Masjid Zarrar for their evil activities, which was ordered to demolish by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.


Jews consider Dajjal as their protector, who will fight for them against Muslims.

Jews are aware that Dajjal will take birth from Khawarjees and fight for them.

Look at the present day globe of world, will find all Khawarjees fighting in Muslim countries and against Muslim rulers. This is concrete evidences of their Dajjali designs.

Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Essa AS will terminate Khawarjees and make peace on earth for many years before Qayymat.


As Pakistan waged Zarb e Azb Khawarjee, they along with masters are in deep agony. Khawarjees and Hizb u Tuhrir has joined hands against Pakistan.

Khawarjee social media is doing sectarian propaganda followed by terrorist attack from Khawarjee terrorists to create sectarian disharmony in Pakistan, so that pressure on them is released.

Hizb u Tuhrir social media is focusing on Pakistan Army, floating themes like civil military rift, songs against Pak Army, who is leader of Pakistan NS or RS in simple themes to this affect.

Inshallah Pakistan Government with its security forces particularly Pak Army will eliminate Khawarjee from Pakistan as Hajaj Bin Yousaf eliminated Khawarjee from Arab in 9/10 Century AD.


Muslims to read Dua in Namaz e Janaza with translations. Request protect faith from Khawarjee (ISIS, Daish, Al Qaida, Taliban, Hizb Ullah, Gullu Qadri Firqa) Zombies.

Shariet e Muhammad PBUH is soul guide line for Muslims. No Khawarjee branded Shariet can take on Shariet e Muhammed PBUH.

All Muslims are responsible for Allah Almighty for their deeds and not responsible to any Khawarjee Gang Leader for their acts/deeds.

Governments to take all out actions to control Khawarjee facilitators and even demolish Masjid Zarrars of 21st Century ad done by Prophet Muhammad PBUH once in Medina.