Watch Off Camera Video Clip of Sharmila Farooqi

Watch Off Camera Video Clip of Sharmila Farooqi.Many people who were having the positive opinion about Sharmila Farooqi that she is a decent lady got surprised after watching her in an indecent dress in this video. She has been one of the most graceful ladies in political circle and she always showed a strong opinion against those who follow things which are against ethical standards.
Sharmila recently condemned females doing bhangras in dharna of PTI in Islamabad. However, it is good to criticize bad things in the society but if you are doing those things yourself then it becomes hypocrisy.
She herself was caught dancing in the PPP jalsa in Karachi and people criticized her on that. Now, in this video clip in which is sitting in front of a camera in a TV show, one can easily see her in a completely unethical and disapproving dress. She is fully exposed in this dress which is usually used in Western culture.Using such type of dress also indicates her mindset which shows that she doesn’t care about the Islamic values and the traditional norms of Pakistani society. Her dressing shocked many of her followers not only in Pakistan but around the world.
The main point of focus is that Sharmila Farooqi always talk against other political parties especially the females of those parties. But she herself is doing things that no other female can even imagine to do.
Wearing such type of unethical dress is something alarming especially when you are going to face a TV camera. One wonders that wheter Sharmila deliberately wanted to portray herself a liberal lady who loves to follow the Western style of life.