Fighter Pilot Ayesha Khan Threatens India

Fighter Pilot Ayesha Khan Threatens India.Pakistan Air Force has become one of the top notch forces across the world because of its professional fighter pilots. Despite have limited resources, it has surprised the world with its incredible professional skills and its ability to utilize the sources in the best possible manner.

Read this article to know how Pakistani fighter pilot Ayesha Khan threatens India. Ayesha Khan is the first female fighter pilot of Pakistan Air Force and she has made a history. Indian media has gone mad after knowing it.
Pakistan air force is one of the best and most credible forces in the world that has produced many world class pilots who have established their worth in the field. The most incredible thing about Pakistan air force is that it not only trains male pilots but also females who are performing at the same level.
Ayesha Khan, the first female fighter pilot of Pakistan, has proved her incredible professional skills and has attained something that was a dream in the recent past. Pakistani people could not have imagined a better performer than Ayesha who has become an inspirational personality for a large number of females in Pakistan.
In the near future, there will be a large number of females pilots in Pakistan Air Force as a huge strength of young females are showing passion to serve their country. This is something amazing as females of Pakistan are coming forward to serve this land just like men have been doing for over six decades of its history.