Islam Protects Women Rights to the Maximum

Islam Protects Women Rights to the Maximum.Lack of knowledge, misunderstanding of non-Muslims and misbehaving attitudes of few Muslims created the concept that women have no rights in Islam. But it is not true by any mean. The act of few ignorant or sick minded people towards women doesn’t represent the true image and teachings of Islam. Islam protects women rights to the maximum economically, socially and politically.Allah has provided equal rights to both men and women and you can see their rights in Holy Quran, the wordings of Allah. The sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) confirmed the rights for every women. For instance, before Islam few Arab tribes used to bury their daughters alive and few of the tribes didn’t allow women to have property. But Islam ruined all these barbarian deeds and according to Islamic laws it is declared prohibited.According to sayings of last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W); it is duty of every male and female to get knowledge. This statement confirms that Islam provided women the right to have knowledge centuries ago. Islam doesn’t put any restrictions on women to adopt any respectful profession because female physicians, teachers, doctors or nurses are the requirement of the society. So, if a woman wants to work for the betterment of society, Islam doesn’t put restrictions at all.Another very important issue which creates wrong perception in the minds of non-Muslims and that is women’s right about marriage. They think that a Muslim woman doesn’t have the right to reject proposal but it is totally wrong. Islam allows women to reject or accept the proposal if they feel anything wrong about it. No person can force them to make relation without their free will. If a woman feels that a person will not suit to her mental level then she can reject him.

The right of having property is also allowed in Islam for women and they can retain the property even after the marriage. A father or husband cannot ask them to spend a single penny to support family. Husband and wife can share work load but it is not compulsory for a wife to share her property. It is the sole responsibility of a husband to beer the expenses of martial life or spend on children.