maulana tariq jameel bayan for Youngsters

maulana tariq jameel bayan for Youngsters. Maulana Tariq Jmaeel’s name is now a house hold name for us. His gatherings and speeches are a source of knowledge and relief for the followers of Islam. He is very different as compared to the other Islamic preachers of today’s world.His specialty is that he discuss very serious topics in a very normal and easy way. As compared to other Islamic scholars, he don’t stress about the punishments. But what he mostly discuss is that is never too late.

He is an optimist person and he never make you feel a pessimist. Thats why many people have changed their lives from sins to a full practicing Muslim.

Mostly his topics are from the regular human life. He takes a topic and discuss it from our point of view. He makes us realize that where we are wrong and where our knowledge is incomplete.

Couple of days ago he discuss about why he started hating his parents. The speech worth listening for all of you people who dont like their parents for any reason. Kindly have a time an just listen.

Our young generation mostly run from the Islamic teachings and specially from the preachers called the people of “Tabhlighi Jamaat”. These guys mostly come to our door steps and call us out in a friendly manner. They mostly introduce us to the basic teachers of Islam like we are non believers or we are really into some serious sins. Even if you are not so bad person but these people will start talking like you are the biggest sinner alive. This is the reason now a days, many people dont bother to answer the call when they realize that its these guys at the door.

The people are same. The teachings are same and the generation is same. But the messenger is using a polite and gentle way to deliver the message. Yes, i am talking here about the Maulana Tariq Jmaeel and his way of talk. Once he start talking, he start making things easy for you instead of making them a no point of return. That is why his gatherings are mostly jam packed with youngsters from all the corners of the world.