Pakistani politician in private party

Pakistani politician in private party.High profile mujra night in Islamabad with Pakistani politicians & bureaucrats scandal leakage MMS video online of High Profile Mujra in Islamabad, Pakistan.A bureaucrat posted this video yesterday on his account and when the video got viral he was shocked and removed the video but now video is all over the internet they all are high profile people of Islamabad…! previously Jamshed dasti revealed some reality now see what is going on ” qoum ka paysa kese log kis tarhan luta rahay hain ” Video is 18+ don’t play if you think it’s not for you this is just for the roof.Channel 5 reporter went to the parliament and asked questions to the parliamentarians in English, to which they responded with ugly English. Most of the time they stuck on one word and did not have much to say.
Pakistani politician, private party