Police arrests man who served as lady constable

Police arrests man who served as lady constable.Pakistani Police is known for all wrong reasons. Every second day some scandal comes and leaves a stain on this department. They are supposed to protect citizens and ensure the rule of law. Sadly, bribe, Ransom, Gang Protection and lot other criminal activities are associated with men in uniform.However, there is something that will make you forget all of their previous scandals. An investigative team of a private news channel unveiled a man who served many years as a lady constable and nobody could catch him ever. The way he got caught is worth watching so check our exclusive footage given below.This story was aired on ARY News and this operation was done by a famous investigative journalism program “Sar e Aam”. The team had to spent several weeks to mark this culprit and finally they got him fall into their trap. Upon asking questions, he brushed aside all the allegations and claimed himself to be a woman.

Though, this story will put smile on your face but it also an alarming situation as it puts a big question mark on competency of our law enforcement forces. How would they cleanse the society when they cannot detect culprits in their own department.

May be it is high time for those at helm of affairs to wake up and put things in order.