soch News : News reporter sets example of stupidity along with Punjab Police

soch News : News reporter sets example of stupidity along with Punjab Police.Punjab police is known for every wrong reason as they have become a laughing stock for their blunders and surrenders. However, this time they have taken things to another level. Perhaps, world famous investigative organizations like Scotland Yard should take lessons from these local geniuses. Punjab police resolved a rape case by taking a six years old child into custody.Fir was launched against this child of tender age and Punjab Police did not even bother to think before putting that kid behind bars. The “criminal” was presented in front of tribunal who ordered to release the kid. However, the real stupidity was seen when a reporter from a premier news channel started asking questions to that kid.

The reporter started by asking kid about his distance from venue at time of rape. Later the stupid reporter continued his flurry of rubbish questions like were you afraid? how much you were afraid? In which grade do you study? This rib-tickling news report may put smile on your face but it also leaves a question that is there any criteria for these reporters to hold mic and question others?

Earlier, you would have seen some garbage and stupid reporting from Amin Hafeez of Geo News and Chand Nawab from Karachi. This reporter of Dawn News has joined the league as well by putting a classic reporting piece. It seems there is no quality check in news rooms of channels and all they want is to be the first to air news.

They do not even bother to check facts or send some sane mind to investigate and report the matter. It is high time for them to think and mend their ways lest they will lose their credibility. You are invited to participate the discussion in comment section as well.