sochnews Entertainment: Girl Experiences Crowd Surfing in London

Girl Experiences Crowd Surfing in Londo. London: Crowd surfing in concerts is very familiar wish of every person including celebrities and for this reason a young girl experienced crowd surfing in London. It was the utmost desire of the girl but it went wrong as she fell down and got injured during crowd surfing. The girl participated in a music concert and she was the part of musical band.

When crowd started to enjoy the music, she throw herself onto the crowd to enjoy the surfing. In the beginning the crowd handled her quite well but suddenly the girl was out of balance and slipped from the hands of people.

It all happened in quick time and the girl didn’t get any time to balance her body. The crowd fail to handle her body in good manner and few of the faces turned red because of shame. Crowd surfing is a common but popular act of concerts or festivals in London, America and Europe where celebrities throw their bodies onto a large number of people.

It has been witnessed many times that crowd surfing injured celebrities as well and it is due to the crazy nature of the people who get a chance to touch their favorite personality. The public figures and celebrities especially singers love doing crowd surfing when they see madness of their fans.

Iggy Pop was the first crowd surfer who introduced this phenomena to the world in 1970 during Cincinnati Summer Pop Festival and since then it has become the part of every musical concert.

However, this act is quite dangerous and banned in few countries as it involves life risk and in massive crowd they surfer may not find in medic if he or she gets injured. But the crowd surfer can enjoy crowd surfing in cities like London where people come in large number in musical concerts.