sochnews: Most funny video ever seen

Watch video of Most funny video ever seen. It is a video taken from talk shows or important news events on TV channels. When kids are growing up, there comes a time when fathers have to guide them about life. Parental guidance is always needed as these young minds are not mature enough to see big picture. They are always unaware of positives and negatives of things. Normally, girls get this talk from mothers while fathers become boys’ mentor.

However, brown parents always find difficulty to discuss such things with their kids as its not their culture to open up in front of youngsters. The trouble grows double when there is no mother around and father has to talk to his grown daughter. Here we present you a hilarious take on that situation. Watch and share the smiles with your near ones.

This chunk has been taken from a famous BBC program in which difference is shown between south asian parents and kids who were born in UK. A Muslim father is trying to have that guidance talk but he does not find courage to open up. He advised her to stay away from boys as they are filled with filth only.

He further says they are always thinking about one thing. When the daughter asks about that thing he loses his tongue and finds shelter in diverting her attention with calling it cricket. This video certainly will make you smile as it is the finest analysis of brown parent-kids relationship.