sochnews: Father reaction over unmarried girl getting pregnant See How

Father reaction over unmarried girl getting pregnant See How.This relationship was based on respect and love.Now parents have climbed down to their kids’ level and they are open, frank and more close to them.This type of relationships have some positive and negative aspects. Kids feel free to share their problems but they also start taking their parents as friends and do not pay heed to their advice. The video you are about to watch contains a worth watching reaction of father when he received a news of unmarried girl getting pregnant.Sometimes this difference creates huge problems and same was the case with this kid who threw a prank on his Dad and ultimately received a memorable lesson. However, father could not keep his promise as he exploded after listening that his son has made a girl pregnant. Whatever happened after that is worth to watch. Hope you will enjoy the video but do not try it at home.Parents always maintained a distance of respect with their kids but our next generation has ended this difference. They treat their parents just like their friends and do not hesitate in sharing anything with them.However, there is also a negative side of the picture as youngsters think that they can act and say anything to their parents. Sometimes, they get away with it but there are also times when they have to face the music.