Amitabh Bachan Reads Quran – Hindu Actor Shocked!!

Quarn is the most sacred and Holy book for all Musims and they recite it for getting guidance and peace. However, it becomes surprising when some non-Muslim recites it just like Amitabh Bachchan, who is a Hindu, recites it for getting inner peace. This news is quite astonishing as it is quite unusual for a Hindu to recite Quran.
Quran is the most read book throughout the world and the amazing fact about this Holy book is that there has been no change in it since its origin and completion around fourteen hundred years ago. It teaches humanity and shows people the right path to lead a good life.

Amitabh said that despite having everything in life including money, fame and respect he was lacking inner peace. Someone suggested him to read Quran and he starting reading this Holy book and got surprised with its impact. He started feeling inner peace.
Many people from around the world got surprised with this news that Amitabh recite Quran for getting peace because he is a Hindu and reciting Quran is quite unusual for a non-Muslim.

However, his reciting Quran for getting peace proves that this book shows the right path that leads people towards betterment and ultimate inner peace and satisfaction.

This news of Amitabh about reciting Quran got viral not only on TV channels but also on social media platforms. Muslims around the world are really happy after listening this news while many people from different religions got surprised with this act of Indian actor.