British culture in Pakistan

British culture in Pakistan. We are living in a world where nobody is perfect. The ones who crticise others are also not fully fit. This is the reason that we are moving towards third world war.
This can be in the form of religious war as well. This conflict of the religious beliefs can be seen in our universities as well. We have students who are moderate Muslims and we have British students as well, studying under the same roof in the universities. But the problems starts due to their point of approach is different.

In Pakistan we dont have separate universities for these British students. The ones who comes on merit are allowed to join the class. In this case students from different areas and different societies join the universities. This gives them chance to fix up. The students who are from the British class are often found in groups. They dont let others join them and they make fun of the desi students. The call them freshes. They also think that they are the superior kind and thats why they should stay away from the local students.