Celebrities Talking about Their Fans

Celebrities Talking about Their Fans. Pakistan female celebrities Neelum Muneer and Nimra shared their experience of dealing with fans in live morning show. Both looked annoyed of irritating behavior of few fans and how the fans respond in different situations.Model-cum actress Neelum Muneer has immense fan following in Pakistan while Nimra is new to showbiz field. Both the actresses are appreciated by the public on good work but handling the fans seems quite difficult for them. The families of Neelum Muneer and Nimra also showed concern over few fans.

Every fan wishes to meet or call favorite celebrity but sometimes it annoys celebrities. Neelum Muneer and Nimra were complaining about this behavior and shared in morning show with audience. Both said thanks to the fans on liking their performances and encouraging them but on the other hand requested fans not to tease them.

Actress Nimra told a story about a male fan who called her and requested to meet her before his wedding ceremony. He showed madness by saying that he will not attend his wedding ceremony until she meets him. Nirma tried to make him understand and after two hours of argument the fan agreed to attend the ceremony without meeting her.Neelum Muneer faced similar situations in her short career and sometimes she gets depress from the attitude of fans. Besides the annoying attitude of fans, Neelum and Nimra shared few good and funny moments with the audience. Few of their fans are very naughty and they really enjoyed talking these kinds of fans.

The interview of actress Neelum Muneer and Nimra was quite interesting and worth watching it as it tells how celebrities face difficulties in handling the fans especially boys. Having fan following gives pleasure to celebrities but it irritates them a lot if fans don’t cooperate with them or don’t disturb them all the time.