Crazy Girl Spoils Wedding Ceremony

Crazy Girl Spoils Wedding Ceremony. London: A beautiful but crazy girl spoiled the wedding ceremony in London and caused disturbance in the party also causing injuries to guests as well as the bride. The girl went out of control while dancing on a fast music and pulled the pole caused disturbance in this wedding ceremony in London.
In a beautiful garden in London under a ceremonial tent, the celebrations of the wedding were going smoothly and the guests were enjoying the feast and music. All were smiling and dancing occasionally on music. The happiness of bride and groom was quite good and both were dancing as well.
When all the things were going smooth, a female participant wearing a red dress stood up from her seat and started dancing madly. She was dancing on fast music and seemed crazy holding the pole of ceremonial tent in this wedding in London.

The host of this wedding party in London tried to calm her down but all the efforts seemed useless to stop the accident. In next few minutes all were shouting and screaming because the crazy girl pulled out the erected pole of tent from the ground and the tent fell on the guests.

Few of them got swear injuries including the bride who was bleeding. The bride was hit by the pole and her nose looked broken when some of people rescued her. She looked traumatized by this accident on the very first day of her wedding.

The crazy girl also fell down with the pole and got injured in the accident. But she was the one who brought pain to the guests and spoiled the wedding ceremony.

The girl not just spoiled the ceremony but made it a dreadful dream for guests along with bride and groom which they will never forget. Wedding ceremony is one the precious moments of life whether it ends smoothly or not and surely, because of a poor ending, a lot of people will will remember this ceremony in London.