The Culprits Got Deserved Treatment

The Culprits Got Deserved Treatment. It was written on the wall that those who committed severe crimes would get deserve treatment from the hands of law enforcement departments of the state and following it, two men were hanged last night in Faisalabad for there terrorist activities against the state.
After the unfortunate incident in Peshawar in which 141 people lost their lives including 132 school children, Pak army, civil leadership and general masses took a solid stand against the terrorists in the region.

All of these forces want revenge and they don’t want these bad elements in Pakistan’s territory anymore. That is why, two culprits Arshad Mehrban and Aqeel alias Dr Usman were hanged as they were involved in severe terrorist activities including the attack on GHQ in Rawalpindi.

The severe incident of Peshawar gave a wake up call to all those who were in favor of negotiations with different branches of Taliban who proved that they deserve no mercy at all.These evil minded people need punishment and Pak army, political leadership and general masses are united to drive them out of this country in every possible manner. The efforts against such elements have been paced up recently and now there is no way that could save these elements from getting severe punishment.

Last night, the due process to punish the culprit has been started which will remain in progress until the every terrorist in the region is brought to the same fate.

It is the demand of every individual with a human heart not only in Pakistan but also around the world that these insensitive people have no right to live among innocent people. Security forces are doing a full scale operation and will eliminate these elements from Pakistan very soon.