Four More Dispatched To Hell From Faisalabad

Watch video of Four More Dispatched To Hell From Faisalabad.The due process of punishing the terrorists is in progress and four more are dispatched to hell as they have been executed today. The execution of terrorists Zubair Ahmed, Ghulam Sarwar, Ikhlaaq Ahmed and Rashid took place in the district jail Faisalabad.
The most important thing for every humanity loving person is that the due course of justice is prevailing in Pakistan now and the terrorists are now meeting their ultimate end which was due according to their sins.

All six terrorists who have been executed so far were involved in a terrorist attack on the Gerenal retired Pervez Musharraf the former Chief of Army Staff and the former President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

People, who love humanity and are in deep grief over the unfortunate incident in Peshawar, are getting satisfied because the justice has been restored in a way it is supposed to be. The terrorists are being punished in a way they deserve.

These Taliban terrorists, who are not only the enemies of Pakistan but also the enemies of humanity, showed no mercy to innocent children and females in Army Public School in Peshawar.

Now, government has taken action and has started the process of executions of those who were sentenced to death by courts. This process should go on until the elimination of each and every terrorist from this country.

In this process, two terrorists were hanged a couple of days ago and four more have been dispatched to hell today. It is one of the most important steps taken by Pakistan government which will certainly help in eliminating the terrorists in an effective manner.