Man spends 20 minutes in grave

Watch video of Man spends 20 minutes in grave. It is a video taken from talk shows orimportant news events on TV channels. You can express your views but please do not useindecent language while giving your valuable comments.
Death protects life, this is what the fourth caliph of Muslims Hazrat Ali (R.A) once said while answering a man’s question. Being Muslims, we have faith that nobody can hurt us if it is not written in destiny by Allah. We also believe in life after death and this concept of reward and punishment keeps us on directed path.
Few weeks ago, a video was uploaded on internet in which a man spent 20 minutes in grave and when he was brought out of it, his life was changed. This must watch footage has inspired millions in the world as every second social media forum is filled with some serious debates over life, death and afterlife issues. Check out this video and do spread the message to others.
The video starts with a man telling viewers about Islamic philosophy of life. He quotes some Ayaat and Hadiths and then shows an experiment in which a man was covered in coffin and placed in grave. Later, the grave is also covered so that no light or air goes inside. After 20 minutes, they brought the man out and asked him about his feelings.

The man told them that he thought about his deeds, his relationship with Allah, his family and friends. He said that this whole world is just a bubble that will break someday and we will be standing in front of Allah with complete record of our stay here.