National Anthem of Pakistan played by German Army

National Anthem of Pakistan played by German Army. n this world, every country has its own national anthem that is necessary and considered as a national symbol of a country. National Anthem is definitely reflected the culture of its own country. Mostly national anthem of any country comprises of such words that boost the morale of the nation through its lyrics.
On 14 August 1947, at the time of Independence, Pakistan had no its national anthem. When the flag of the Pakistan was hoisted at the ceremony of independence it was gone upward with the song of Pakistan Zindabad and Azadi Paendabad. It was just the Pakistani Flag that was approved by the National Assembly before three days of its inauguration.

The present National Anthem of Pakistan was approved in August 1954 by the Government. It is melodious depiction with the composition of three-stanza that is tuned with eastern music. Due to its compilation uniqueness it can be managed to play with any foreign music instruments.
Pakistani National Anthem is redolent in spirit and praised Pakistan as a freedom and faith oriented country. It depicts the beauty of the land and strength of the people of Pakistan. It throws light on diverse aspects of Pakistani Nation and also tells the aspirations of Pakistan that how they pray for the stabilization of Pakistan.

The video that is uploaded is start from the scene that German Army is getting ready in an order to listen the Pakistani Anthem. It was played by the German Army band. The tune of Pakistan National Anthem is unique and too much rhythmic and it motivates the listeners quite a lot. Pakistan National Anthem is also at the top position from rest of the world’s national anthems.
When Pakistan got its independence, it was without its national anthem. So the founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah deputed Jagannath Azad to compose the national anthem in five days who was the writer of a Hindu Newspaper. Pakistani National Anthem was ready in the given duration and got official sanctity with the approval of Jinnah then it was aired on Pakistan Radio.

This Anthem was used to be aired on Pakistan Radio till 1954 then it was replaced with the present Pakistani National Anthem. It is also said that Jagannath was not that personality who composed first National Anthem. There are some different opinions from different personalities about this issue.

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