Pakistan nuclear program is completely safe

Pakistan nuclear program is completely safe. There have been rumors by different people who are following some foreign agenda that Pakistan’s nuclear program is not safe and that it can harm its surrounding countries. But this is completely wrong as you can see it in this video as well. Watch the full video of his interview. Dr. Samar Mubarik, one of the best scientists across the world, has clearly stated in an interview with Hamid Mir that Pakistan’s nuclear program is completely safe and is free from any sort of vulnerability. He further said that no one can misuse it in any way whatsoever as there is a latest mechanism through which the nuclear weapons are used. Dr. Samar also said that even if anti-Pakistan forces become successful in stealing the weapons, they still cannot operate them.

The reason is that they won’t have the code that is used to make these weapons functional. This code is being used during the manufacturing process of these weapons.

So, those people who spread rumors about the vulnerability of Pakistan’s nuclear program should think twice as their propaganda is completely wrong and based on mere assumptions.

They have no clue about how strong the security system of these nuclear weapons is. No one could get even close to these nuclear assets of Pakistan and hopefully it will remain full safe. Those who are following a certain propaganda that these assets are not safe want to destabilize the country.

After the complete statement and expert opinion of Samar Mubarik, there is no room for such rumours that are completely baseless and there is no reality in these speculations because the atomic assets of Pakistan are fully safe from all aspects.