Pakistani Celebrities Going Away From Ethical Standards

Pakistani Celebrities Going Away From Ethical Standards. Renowned Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel warned Muslims of Pakistan to follow the celebrities. In his speech he condemned unethical acts of Pakistani celebrities and warned people not to follow them otherwise they will face punishment of Allah. He delivered his speech with authentic references of Holy Quran and proved his point in the most efficient and effective manner without any sort of hesitation.
Along with the unethical acts of celebrities Maulana Tariq Jameel highlighted the discrimination of civil society, cruelty of powerful men, brutality of people. The purpose of his speech was to defend the Islamic ideology of Pakistan which is being damaged by few media channels through their immoral programs.

One of the example of these programs is morning shows where people listen unethical talks of celebrities and watch immoral dance. The aim of these programs seems destroying family culture of the country, promoting immoral values among youngsters and manipulating minds against Islamic culture. You won’t find any constructive or positive activity in these programs at all but only dance and music.

A majority of people don’t like these programs and they want to see ban on such kinds of programs. But it is surprising as well as shameful that PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority) and government of Pakistan are silent on this alarming problem. None of these channels get punishment on violating ethics or spreading false information regarding ideology of Pakistan.
The Pakistani celebrities are used by these media channels which is so unfortunate because their fans expect decency from them but it isn’t there in this issue. Question about the silence on the part of government and PEMRA is rightly to be asked and the few renowned journalists unveiled the reason behind it.

According to the reports of these journalists, enemies of Pakistan is spending a substantial amount on Pakistani media to promote unethical culture through different programs. Few of the ministers are working as their agents which create hurdles to take action against any channel. Therefore, few good people in Pakistan are fighting hard to defend the ideology of Pakistan and Maulana Tariq Jameel is one them.