Punishments On Judgement Day

Punishments On Judgement Day. This life is beautiful and this world is colorful enough to keep us indulge and keep us away from the basic purpose of coming in this world. We hardly think about this life as a test. This is mostly because we the people don’t have firm believe that there is a life after this life which will be immortal.But all this will go Via Judgement day and no one escapes that day. In the after life nobody will die. The sinners will get punished and they will stay there forever and the successful people will be rewarded in heaven and they will stay there for ever. This is the promise done by the All might ALLAH and He always keeps his promises.

The punishment of the sins in Islam is really tough and there will be no escape that day. This is because Islam is all about the facts. There are no false promises in Islam. If you are to get rewarded, you will be rewarded and there is no doubt in it. Also if you are to get punished you will be punished and there is no doubt in it.