sochnews: London protest against Moodi

London protest against Moodi. London is the 2nd largest home to the Indian public. Places like south hall, Ilford, East ham and Al gate east are known as Indian localities. These are the hard working Indians that moved to London decades ago. They established themselves as Londoners by burning mid night oil.

This is the educated class of Indians who are also thinking the issues of race and religion. They consider the Prime Minister Moodi as the Crime Minister who killed thousands of Muslims in Gujarat couple of years ago. Now this man has been elected as the Prime Minister of India but the majoirty public is not satisfied with it.
Narinder Moodi is now the elected Prime Minister of India. He is also the most critical and controversial Prime minister as well. He is accuseed of killing thousands of Muslims in the Gujarat province of India. Moodi who is facing these critical charges from the very first day has never denied them and on many occasions he has accepted them as well.
This is the reason that on Moodi’s visit to United Kingdom there happen to be seen a large protest that was not covered by the Indian media. However, social media is playing it’s part fully as this video has made Moodi government’s nights sleepless.