sochnews: Mother Love for a Newborn Baby

Mother Love for a Newborn Baby. No relation is beautiful than a mother who cares her children, comforts them, protects them and teaches them all the time. You cannot question mother’s love for a newborn baby neither you can judge the level of affection at that time. There is no tool who can measure the mother’s love at the moment when she holds new born baby for the first time.

You might have witnessed mother loving and caring growing children but have you ever witnessed the level of mother’s love when she gives birth to a new baby. Just imagine how she looks the baby, how she holds and how she treats once she sees the baby laying besides her.

Surely, you won’t have any idea unless you are mother but for those who think that it’s not unique or something different. The visuals in the video will give the right idea how difficult it is to handle newborn baby.

It also shows how beautiful a baby looks when it feels the touch of water for the first time and how sensitive this moment becomes for a mother. Watching the visuals gives an extreme pleasure and you will also know how a child’s mind is linked with mother’s love.
The physical affection of mother impacts the child’s brain and more than 75 % learning comes from mother in first five years. The presence of mother around the baby makes a good impression and his brain works more effectively. The recent researches have revealed that mother’s love affects the volume of child’s hippocampus.

According to the studies those mothers who are very supportive, caring and have soft nature, their children’s intelligence level will be higher. And when it comes to newborn baby, mother tends to love more than ever which is quite good for the baby. It helps baby to nourish quickly and effectively with good brain health.