sochnews: Preity Zinta Faces Censure of Fans

The Bollywood Dimple Queen Preity Zinta again caught into another controversy created by no one else but herself. Instead of getting sympathies as she got in the case of Indian Bussiness Tycoon Ness Wadia, she received censure of fans this time.

The famous Bollywood actress somehow managed to escape from criticism when Ness Wadia humiliated her but now she received a bang from fans on social media.

Preity Zinta went to the theater with friends to watch new Indian film “The Bang Bang” where she fought with an audience person. The dimple queen bashed the person when he refused to stand up for National Anthem before the start of the movie.

She complained to the organizers on this disrespect of National Anthem and forced the person to leave the theater. Preity Zinta shared this incident on social media website Twitter and wrote “Bang Bang before Bang Bang”. However her fans criticized her on behaving rudely with a commoner later after reading the tweet.

On this unusual response from fans, Preity went on back foot and deleted the tweet from the account. Preity might have idea of getting appreciation of public on her act but she was absolutely wrong.

The fight between her and Ness Wadia created doubts in the minds of people but she was lucky to have public sympathies on her side. But her attitude with a commoner in the theater made fans furious.

It looks like dimple queen has found a way to grab public attention or to be alive in media through controversies. The fans are fed up from Preity Zinta and showed their anger on involvement in different controversies. The fans want Preity Zinta doing humanitarian work rather than being rude on commoner.