sochnews: This will drive you crazy

Iran is an islamic country on face of the earth that is known for its strict government laws. Mostly, it is believed that the Iranian people do not have freedom to enjoy life as they are imprisoned and confined to strict walls constructed by religious supreme council. Though, it is true to some extent but still the Iranian people find ways to enjoy and live their life according to their will.

They are cultural loving and sport loving nation as a matter of fact it has a dynamic film industry that has produced some classics of our modern times. We present you a footage which will leave you stunned as nothing like this has been seen before. This shows that Iranian people are very moderate.

This chunk has been uploaded few weeks back and it shook the social media as the perfection and masterly executed stunt is one of its own kind. It depicts busy hours on roads of Tehran and one wonders how they pulled out this idea. With dozens of cars, bikes and pedestrian around, it was near to impossible to keep timing this much perfect.

Whosoever has produced this video must be given a big round of applause as it needs hours and hours of devotion and conviction. If you agree, do share the footage with your near and dear ones and do not forget to share your thoughts with us.