Superb Criticism on Abdul Aziz for Supporting Taliban

Superb Criticism on Abdul Aziz for Supporting Taliban. In a bid to support Taliban, Maulana Abdul Aziz refused to condemn the horrible incident that took place in Peshawar in which terrorists ended lives of 141 people in just a few hours. He got severe criticism from a man who did it in a surprising manner.
Abdul Aziz slipped away from Lal Masjid Islamabad when former president Pervez Musharaf send troops to attack and capture terrorists staying there. These terrorists fought against Pak army but got killed or arrested.

However, Abdul Aziz tried to run away by wearing veil or Burqa in local language. However, a soldier saw his shoes that he forgot to change and got arrested. Since then he started cursing all those who were against Taliban just to show his supporting gesture to the terrorists.

Now, after the unfortunate happening in Peshawar where terrorists attacked innocent children and also slayed females, Abdul Aziz refused to condemn Taliban and showed no sign of sorrow or grief over this incident.This man compiled a song in which he criticized Abdul Aziz by calling him a dis-respectable personality who is against humanity and who supports terrorists even after knowing that they have committed unforgettable crime.

Abdul Aziz showed indifference with this unfortunate incident which made every Muslim living in Pakistan quite angry and people have starting expressing their demand that he should be punished severely for supporting terrorists.

This is a wonderful song in which the singer criticized Abdul Aziz by mentioning all those things that Maulana committed in the past and showed his cowardly acts. This song depicts the personality of Abdul Aziz in its true sense.

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