More Threats for Parents and Children

More Threats for Parents and Children. After the heart wrenching and brutal incident in Peshawar in which 141 people lost their lives including 9 teachers or school staff members and 132 innocent children, a Taliban commander issued a new threat for parents and children.
The incident stirred every individual across the whole and the Pakistanis are now filled with extreme anger and hate for these insensitive elements. General masses demand the execution of all those Talibaan terrorists that have been captured over the last 10 years and are kept in different jails across the ccountry.

Two terrorists have already been hanged for doing terrorist activities in different areas of the country and for hitting sensitive areas like GHQ. They were involved in countless activities against the state and finally got the treatment which is something positive to bring peace in this country.

However, the commanders of different groups under the cap of Taliban have started issuing threats to the armed forces, political leadership and common people that they will not leave the children and females because they are also facing the same fate from the hands of army.But these insensitive people don’t know the unmatched courage of people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the welfare of Pakistan. Pakistanis are now united and determined to eliminate these elements from this country.

They are up against the tyranny that was imposed on them by different terrorist groups but they are not willing to tolerate it anymore. Now the blood of innocent children has given a wake up call to all Pakistanis and now they will not let these terrorists live in this country.