An amazing and brave act of Pakistani man

Pakistan is known for all wrong reasons but something happened few days back that must have sent a great image of this nation to the world. A selfless and brave act of a Pakistani man wrote an forgettable saga which make the world believe in humanity. We proudly present a news story that will raise your head with pride.
This guy was traveling on Motorway with his family. While crossing the salt range near Kalar Kahar, they saw a truck going of control. The truck driver and his assistant jumped out of the truck and the vehicle kept whirling on the road. Upon seeing the danger to others’ lives, the brave man hopped on the truck and stopped it at a safe place.

This act of valor and sacrifice did not go unnoticed as the video was seen, shared and appreciated by the millions in Pakistan. Everybody agreed upon the fact that the mainstream media should also give this place into headlines and government should acknowledge his bravery. Hope our news channel will turn their focus from Imran-Reham Khan wedding to this incident.

Though, the video is not complete yet nobody has raised doubt on the authenticity of the claim. According to the family, there were many who witnessed this on Motorway. Perhaps, this act is a lesson for those who just stand, watch and wait for some hero to come and resolve their problems. It is time to wakeup the hero inside.