Amazing Video: Girl walks on edge of sky tall building

Girl walks on edge of sky tall building,

Sometimes, people cross all the limits to get famous and this news story can be presented as proof of this phenomena. This footage is about a girl who decided to live on the edge and overpower her fear of heights. She placed a camera on her head and walked on the edge of sky scrapper. This amazing video will tell what happened to her later.

After this video going viral, many of other adventurous youngsters have taken the challenge and performed this sky walkers’ trick. One of them climbed on one of the world tallest building in Shanghai and made his viewers gasp with daring stunt. Though, young blood always need some way to exhibit the passion and aggression inside but one must not be allowed to pick a suicide mission.

It is need of the time that authorities should take prompt measures and make arrangements for youngsters to showcase their hidden talents. These youngsters can do wonders if provided the chances.