American Priest Allows to Recite Azan in Church

American Priest Allows to Recite Azan in Church.New York: An awesome event happened in New York when Azan was recited by American Citizen in an US Church named Marble Collegiate Church. It was organized by Christian American Group among Christians, Jews and Muslims to bring peace and harmony in world. This whole meeting was also called inter faith dialogue among big three communities.The American Muslim, who recited Azan in church, was very excited and was claiming about tranquility in his inner side. He said that Azan had created a great impact on him and he got mesmerize with its beautiful wordings. He further added when he left the church a large number of youngsters surrounded him and requested him to recite Azan again.When American Muslim started reciting Azan, all of them hypnotized by its wording. This whole process again took place outside of the church. It is reported that all the youngsters also started to recite Azan with that American Muslim because it was giving them peace and inner satisfaction.The Priest of the Church gave permission to the American Citizen to recite Azan. Before reciting Azan, the Priest of the Church also address to the audience in which he insisted to the whole communities of America and around the world to live with peace.He added that we all as a human being must extend our love, peace and goodwill towards all humanity living on this earth. He said that everyone, who will view this documentary, must share these feelings of this beautiful moment toward his beloved ones.He gave the reason to gather at that moment that was attached to one desire and commitment. The purpose of that gathering was only to bring peace on the earth and to end the religion war. He further thanked the people who came in Church on his special request.To give the message of tranquility and peace that American Citizen recited Azan in Church. This whole meeting of inter faith dialogue definitely set example of brotherhood in the whole world and also deliver the message silently towards all big powers to think on it.