Avoid eating out or make sure you are eating Halal

Avoid eating out or make sure you are eating Halal Every second day there comes anew story about underground, illegal slaughter houses that supply unhygienic and Haram meat to cities. With the establishment of departmental stores, people had a sigh of relief as there was no chance of such heinous act in these stores. People started buying with blind faith but here comes something that will open their eyes.Few days back, couple of reports were aired in which some culprits were shown slaughtering Haram animals and supplying their meat in the market. This news report literally shocked the nation and it raised serious questions on competency and efficiency of Health and Food departments.
[five_sixth_last]There was another story that made into headlines and it was even worse. In this video clip it was shown that animals were not even slaughtered rather they were killed by drilling in their brains. Who knows if big stores sale this Haram meat to their customers?
Though, it is yet to be confirmed that it is from Pakistan or some other country but still we must be cautious and vigilant. It is worth mentioning here that some of the stores import meat from Australia and New zealand. Check out how brutally and unislamic way they are slaughtering the animals.