Breaking : Who is this man

Breaking.  Who is this man.Karachi is burning in the name of target killing for last more than a decade. We also know that who are these target killers and who is supporting them. But why they are not being caught. Even if they are caught then  who are the political parties that are backing them and they don’t want these people to be punished?These are the few question that must be answered now. Seems like after the Peshawar school incident the security authorities are getting serious about the cleaning operation. This is the reason that top secret videos of the criminal investigations are hitting the web surface now.This is an investigation video of a target killer who has killed many people but who is this man?This is the million dollar question and much more important question is who are the political figures who are backing this person. If you realize the truth then you might feel shame as on each election you might vote for this party.