Bus fell from the Hill

Watch video of Bus fell from the Hill. It is a video taken from talk shows or important news events on TV channels. You can express your views but please do not use indecent language while giving your valuable comments.Millions of people daily are born and die as well. But some times there death is not a mystery and the whole world watch them to die. Sad incident is when a bus fell from the top of the hill and nobody watching was able to save the people.Bus fell from the hill because of the over load on the bus. Due to the lack of education people are not aware of the fact that they should not travel while sitting on the top of the bus. This was the mishap that happened in India and many people got injured in it. Not to mention that many people lost their lives as well.The location where the accident happened was a remote location and it was not easy to supply medical utilities on time. This also added an insult to the injury and the number of casualties increased as well.