Cancer patient dies on camera

What you are about to read and watch, might be disturbing if you’re weak or faint hearted but it is a very important message for today’s world. With the increase in media and television technology, people can get go to sources for news 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Seems easy and comfortable doesn’t it? But there is a massive black side to these so call world savers known as the media. What the world fails to understand is that the media, which is thought of as a savior for this world, is actually one of the biggest problems and threats to humanity.

All media officials, owners, workers and anchors care about is/are revenue and market share. The following clip is one of the most shocking things you’d ever see, in which a poor cancer patient is left to die by the pathetic produces and anchors of a media channel.

The live show was basically a morning show in which the guest was an incurable cancer patient. The motive of the show was presented to viewers as to motivate and strengthen the heart of the patient, but the reality was a bit different ladies and gentlemen, and the faces of the anchors tell the story.

The cancer patient was told bad things about the hospital, and was told that the hospitals treat patients very badly, as if they don’t exist. The patient also supported their idea and declared he is fine and will run the marathon this year.

The anchors are seen talking very casually to the patient. It is then that while the anchors are busy talking to each other and the wife of the patient, the patient dies. How disgraceful is the media? The anchors are then noticed ignoring and fast forwarding towards a commercial break without even mentioning the tragic death of the patient on live tv.