Cow Surprises Every Person

Cow Surprises Every Person.
Cow (Cattle) sometimes behaves like human beings and likes to make relations with each other. People often don’t observe cows much and they only rely on using milk, beef and other products. Besides its beverages and products, cow shows intelligence on few occasions and sometimes can surprise you with different acts.Like human beings cow is a social animal which loves to make friends, bonds and relations with other herd members. The cows can make good relation with other herd members and also can have grudges for long years. Their hearing and visions are better than human beings and on many occasions these animals have shown intelligence.The cow showed intelligence at that difficult moment and went near to water hand pump. She slowly moved the handle of pump with her horns and it did work for her. The water came out from water hand pump and she drank it. The cow repeated the procedure few more times until her thirst was over. It was a brilliant intelligent work of the cow.The owner of that cow recorded these moments in camera and he deliberately didn’t help the animal because he wanted to show the intelligence level of cow to the world. The visuals will surely mesmerize you and you might replace the old story title Thirst Crow with Thirsty Cow.