Discovery channel reporter eaten alive

Discovery channel reporter eaten alive.

Watch video of Discovery channel reporter eaten alive. It is a video taken from talk shows or important news events on TV channels. You can express your views but please do not use indecent language while giving your valuable comments.Obsessions makes a man do crazy things and the video you are about to watch is by-product of obsession as well. Almost every one of you would be familiar with the name of Discovery channel. This television channel is famous for documentaries on hidden secrets of natural life on this planet earth.Few days back, a reporting team of Discovery channel set out to make a documentary on world’s biggest anaconda alive. They filmed it and while wrapping up everything a strange and shocking thing happened. That anaconda wrapped itself around that male reporter and swallowed him alive. Check out that fearful footage but remember it is not for weak hearts.This incident actually was a planned by the production team who wanted to capture anaconda’s method of eating its prey. The reporter fearlessly volunteered himself and laid down in front of the monster. The anaconda took its time but then encircled him and took a bite of him. The reporter had cameras fixed on his head and chest so every bit of second was recorded on camera.This horrifying footage spread like fire in the forest as the whole world started discussing this act of reporter. It not only brought appreciation for his brave act but also the severe criticism by those who tagged this act a foolish and cheap stunt. We leave it up to you. Watch it by yourself and post your thoughts.