Extremely Funny: Prank call at first night of wedding

Extremely Funny: Prank call at first night of wedding.Prank calls are not the new phenomena but sometimes pranksters come with a unique idea that drown you into laughter. Such was the case when RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi orchestrated that famous “Aap hmain bilkul pasand nahe aye” matrimonial call.Now the guy came up with another killing idea as this time he called a man who just got married and spent his first wedding night. RJ Naved calls him and tell that he was locked up in his room so he stayed under bed whole night. Check out the reaction of poor groom.
Contrary to his first call, this one seems fake and planted call as the reactions of the subject are so predicted and prepared. However, this does not reduce the entertainment and fun doze as this call is spreading smiles all around. People are enjoying listening this conversation and spreading it as well.The call starts with a flower decorator congratulating the groom named Bittu and asking him to control his relatives. Naved then told Bittu that his relatives locked the door when he was decorating his room for wedding night. Nobody listened so he had to sleep behind the bed.This made poor Bittu crazy as he starts yelling at him for staying under the bed. Naved did not end at this as he added more oil to fire by saying that his bed makes so much noise and that kept him awake all night. This literally explodes the groom. You will not forget his reaction ever.