France: Charlie Hebdo under Attack

This magazine did not spare remaining dogmas like Catholicism, Judaism and many more. It always faced criticism from whole world due to its ideologies which belong to the ideas of left wing. The management of this magazine also published its analysis against the personalities of right wing.It started its campaign against religions in 2006 for the first time and the first victim of its management was the religion of Islam. Its management took severe steps against Islam in the shadow of freedom of expression.By the act of this magazine, a very sensitive debate started in the Islamic world taking this issue seriously. It was not the end of this magazine it remained continue to tease the Muslim world and again published humiliated posts on 3rd November 2011.Despite of all these dares, the Government of France never ever took action against this company and always gave shelter by giving the name of freedom of expression. The workers of the magazine also faced life-taking events due to these inappropriate publishing but in vain and they worked with the same pace.
Few days ago, three people again attacked on the office of this magazine due to which many people have lost their lives. In this attack, the very notorious cartoonist who published posts against Islam has also been expired.
David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England, also recorded his statement about this shocking event in London. John Kerry, the US secretary of the states took the opportunity to support the people of France saying that people of America are with French people in this time of grief.
The Government of France is receiving the messages all around the world including Muslim countries and all are condemning over this brutal act.