Girl Gets Deserved Lesson

Love looks like a game and deceiving two or more persons at same time is just like a fun for youngsters but a girl got deserved lesson. No abusive words and no fight but just a classic insult by another girl on road which she deserved a lot. None in the world has ever faced such kind of insult on flirting with guys.
It is wrong perception that only boys have the expertise to love many girls at one time as these days girls are competing with them quite effectively in this regard. In fact girls are more expert in deceiving than boys at one time. Girls always get positive response from boys whenever they invited to make relation.

It is obvious you can fool a single person all the time but you cannot fool all the people all time. Being over clever brings troubles for you sometimes and you cannot do much about when your time is over. Same happened to the girl sitting with her boyfriend on bus stop and the boy was giving flower to her.

When the girl took the flower from him, a young boy came on bike holding a rose and presented it to the girl. She responded the biker with smile and accepted the gift of flower and sat on the back of bike. The first boy stunned to see her girlfriend going with a stranger and he couldn’t utter a single word on this cheating.
The boy with bike was about to drive when suddenly a young boy stopped his heavy bike alongside him and gave a smile to the girl sitting behind him. The boy with heavy bike was holding a rose in his hands as well and gave it the girl. The girl accepted the flower and sat on heavy bike with the new guy. When she sat on the heavy bike a man came with car and passed a smile to the girl.

Without any surprise, the girl responded positively and when the man with car presented a bouquet to her she accepted it with a smile. The girl was ready to sit in the car when a luxury car stopped in front of her. The girl moved towards that car and when she looked the driver, a surprise welcomed her.

The driver of the luxury car was a lady who took bouquet from girl and gave her money. It was a classic insult of that girl and she looked back but no one was waiting for her. This insult was written on the walls and the girl got the right lesson for deceiving boys at one time.