Is this Halal?

Is this Halal? Every second day there comes anew story about underground, illegal slaughter houses that supply unhygienic and Haram meat to cities. With the establishment of departmental stores, people had a sigh of relief as there was no chance of such heinous act in these stores. People started buying with blind faith but here comes something that will open their eyes.Though, it is yet to be confirmed that it is from Pakistan or some other country but still we must be cautious and vigilant. It is worth mentioning here that some of the stores import meat from Australia and New zealand. Check out how brutally and unislamic way they are slaughtering the animals.According to Islam, an animal is only Halal if it has been slaughtered properly in the name of God. It is called “Takbeer” and if it is not recited while slaughtering the animal, it will be Haram for all the muslims. Now, watch the video again and express your thoughts in the comment box given below.
It is again mentioned that chances are bright that this video has been taken from some foreign slaughter house. However, it is also an established fact that there are people who supply meat of dead and Haram animals like donkey and dogs. Time has come for authorities to fulfill their duty and protect the nation.