Hindu Girl Embraces Islam in India

Hindu Girl Embraces Islam in India.New Delhi: Maulana Tariq Jameel shared the story of one Hindu girl who had been converted to religion Islam. He told the whole story of Hindu girl in his address how she embraced Islam and what happened to her after leaving her religion. The father and uncle of that Hindu girl also embraced Islam and accepted the reality of religion Islam.Undoubtedly, Islam is the single religion in the whole world whose principles are applicable on every single person around the world. No matter in what society, country or continent one is living, he will have to admit the truth of Islam.In the field of science, numbers of scientist have been converted to Islam after observing the resemblance of natural things according to the principles of Islam. Setting aside all these naked eye testimonies, Islam itself has various spiritual matters that can mesmerize to anyone who takes a little bit interest in it.One day, her one of family member came to know that she had embraced Islam. The whole family tried a lot to motivate her and converted back to Hinduism but she was fully determined. So her father and one uncle decided to punish her and they strangled her. She only requested to both to embrace Islam at her last time of her life.After death of that Muslim girl, Hira, her father started to feel his confession and decided to embrace Islam. He further explained to his brother that he listened the screaming of Hira that did not let him to sleep. After forcing too much, his brother knelt down before his will and took him in New Delhi where he embraced Islam. Hira’s father died after two days of embracing Islam.After the death of Hira’s father, her uncle also started to listen that screaming of Hira as his brother used to listen. So this horrible condition left him helpless and one day he decided to embrace Islam. So after converting to Islam he saved many lives of Muslim children to compensate what he had done with Hira.