Has Imran Khan married Reham Khan?

It is now being reported by many reliable sources that Imran has married Reham secretly. Congratulations to the two, however these are still unconfirmed reports.
Some time back, Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jamaima had declared that she was looking to remove the surname of Khan from her name. Jamaima said that she thinks Imran is going to marry again.

Rahem Khan is a female weather correspondent on the one of the world’s biggest news networks, the BBC. 41 years old Rahem has previously been divorced and is a mother of three children from her first husband. Rahem Khan is regarded and respected by colleagues and friends as a very jolly and friendly lady. Rahem is thought of and noticed a woman who follows the Western Culture. Her dress up and her English accent tell the story, she is more British than she is Pakistani.