Innocent Women : A Sad Story

Innocent Women : A Sad Story. The human rights problem is not just today’s problem but it is an old problem. Now a days we see innocent women being tortured and used like animals. It’s unbelievable that in today’s 21st century people are still so much uneducated and ignorant that they are living in the times of ignorance.
Women rights violation is done all over the world. Even in the safe countries like UK, USA, France, Canada and Australia, there happen daily new stories which can make you feel shiver in your spine.

unfortunately, even after so much advancements and technology women are not safe. Call it the furious nature of men or too much ignorance from religious believes, people are once again becoming animals.

In some parts of the country, torturing women is a profession and a business. You can get license as well. Only those ladies work there who are willing by their own choice. But the bitter reality is that these innocent women are forced to work in this business.