How Intelligence Agencies Work for Peace

How Intelligence Agencies Work for Peace.In this world, there is no one nation who is living without intelligence agencies in its country. These organizations or agencies are used to protect the country’s people and to gather the imperative information that can crash the interests of the country.Intelligence organizations of the country are always considered as a symbol of national security and defense, strength and power. These agencies have lot of ways to gather the information by means of cryptanalysis, espionage, cooperation with other institutions and through communication interception. In other words, this sector is called as the Head Institution of any country.Intelligence agencies have major responsibilities to perform inside and outside of the country for the country’s stability. It is also included in their duties to point out the negative areas that can become the part of disturbance in the country.They are responsible to give warning before time to their governing bodies regarding impending disaster. These agencies offer their services to solve the national and international problems and also detect the reasons that need to be eradicated from the soil of the country.If we rate these intelligence agencies that are working around the world for their countries’ sovereignty then Pakistan Intelligence Agency is rated as a strongest and world’s best intelligence agency. It is ranked by American Crime News. It was established in 1948 for the national security purpose and to protect the nation from outside threats.Pakistan, from the day of its freedom, is facing the world’s biggest rivalry in the form of India who did not accept it cordially. Indian intelligence agency is working for the sovereignty of its country from 1968 to till date. It is rated at the level of 8 in the world in respect of efficiency.
If we glimpse over Indian intelligence activity, we will find that most of its resources are being used to destabilize to Pakistan. In the given video clip, it can easily be analyzed that at what level it is working against Pakistan’s assertiveness. Ajit Doval is that person who officially worked in Lahore, a city of Pakistan, for seven years was the spy of Indian Intelligence.But Pakistan with its intelligence agency is invincible by the Grace of God and His Prophet (PBUH) that is at the top level in the world and has capability to protect Pakistan and its people as well.