Little Hero of APS

Watch video of Little Hero of APS. It is a video taken from talk shows or important news events on TV channels. You can express your views but please do not use indecent language while giving your valuable comments.Army Public School, Peshawar is in news for last 2 months. We all know that happened there when some human looking wolves entered the school and did what is considered as the most brutal attack on children in the history of the Pakistan.Pakistan will never forget this incident that made all the nation to stand on their feet and cry.Here is a story of a little hero from the Army Public school who sacrificed his life so that he can save his little sister. At such a tender age this boy did what made his parents proud off and we people dont have courage enough to do.Please listen to what his younger sister is telling. We should never forget the children of the Peshawar school who woke up the whole nation.