London Act Earns Respect for Salman Khan

Watch video of London Act Earns Respect for Salman Khan. It is a video taken from talk shows or important news events on TV channels. You can express your views but please do not use indecent language while giving your valuable comments.London: Bollywood star actor Salman Khan visited London for the promotion of his upcoming movie and his unusual act earned great respect among Muslims. Azan was called out from a mosque located near the area where Salman Khan invited media personnel for press briefing. He immediately requested the audience to keep quite in respect of Azan.Muslims keep silent in respect of Azan until it is finished but you cannot expect such gesture from Non-Muslims.Most of the media personnel invited by Salman Khan in press briefing were Non-Muslims and it was good gesture from them when they silenced on the request of Bollywood star. Salman Khan is not known as true practitioner of Islam and people presented in media conference were not expecting such act from him either.The act of Bollywood star actor earned respect for him and Muslims from all over the world appreciated him on giving respect to Azan. It was not the first time Salman Khan earned respect among Muslims; he was appreciated by them when he defended Islam and Pakistan on Mumbai attacks. Indian Media basted him on his statement but nothing could stop him to defend Islam.Like other Khans (Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan), Salman Khan is a prominent figure of Bollywood industry and he introduced several actors and actresses to the industry who have now become superstars. All his movies make a great impact on Indian film industry and earn a handsome amount all over the world.Bollywood star actor made his debut in the industry in 1988 but it was his second movie Maine Pyar Kiya which earned Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut for Salman Khan and since then he has been getting success in his every movie. His upcoming movie is considered successful even before the release and he was there in London for the promotion of movie when Azan was called out.