London cries with joy over this rescue

London cries with joy over this rescue.No matter you live in ultra modern city like London where people do not have concern with others’ life or in some remote area of African continent, one thing is common in all human being is emotions and feelings. This what differentiates from animals and make us superior creation of the lord.This shocking video has been shared with us from a student in London and he requested the world to pray for the better future of this baby whose mother drained him to flush pipe. This shocking footage will make you feel ashamed and proud at the same moment. If the question Why arises in your mind, check out this video to get the answer.Despite of all the differences and distances, this heart wrenching incident brought the world together from London to Dubai. People shared this video with an objective to express their concern for the kid. Though, they cursed the heartless mother who drained this angel of God but they also commemorate the services of rescue team who saved this kid’s life.There comes another question mark about the morality standards of younger lot. You will be shocked to know that in metropolitan like London, Paris and New York, cases of pre-marital relations are on the rise and they are just destroying the most important institution of the society which is “Family”. This case is just a one example so there is big reason to worry for those at helm of affairs.